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Preparing for Wind & Water Damage

Hurricane Matthew is upon us, and we've put together a short list of things to do to insure your roof is ready for the storm:

1. Get roof leaks fixed before the storm. A leaking roof will only invite more issues after heavy wind and rain.

2. Make sure all your shingles, roof tiles, or roof sealant are secured and accounted for.

3. Insure all flashing is secure around your roof.

4. Cover skylights to protect them from getting damaged.

5. Clean gutters or have them cleaned. Clogged gutters will hold water and could cause water to enter your roof decking.

6. Make sure all soffit material is secured in place. Wind could get up under the roof overhang and cause damage.

While there is no way to account for limitless possibilities when it comes to storm damage, these quick tips can help minimize damage.

Stay safe.

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